2 comments on “Why Do I Have To Be Online To Be Sociable?

  1. When I first saw the title of this, in the context of Dead Island, I thought you were about to refer to the rather irritating feature where you constantly get told that there’s somebody online who is near to you.

    But after reading it, I’m a bit conflicted. While I support the idea of offline co-op, I can understand why they would be reluctant to include it. The maps in Dead Island are particularly large and you’re allowed to roam the entire map without being anywhere near your partner. This is in part because I imagine that the map isn’t loaded in it’s entirety – only when a person is near an area does it become populated with zombies.

    If you were to have two people playing offline on the same console, the strain this would place on the machine would probably cause a fair amount of stutter. While they could have placed restrictions on how far players can roam from one another, that’d feel counter-intuitive to one of the few strengths of the game.

    Yes, it does kill a certain aspect of the social gaming experience but it’s a result of the industry responding to the demands of customers. We want better and better graphics or more intensive gameplay but the rate at which consoles are progressing isn’t attempting to match this – indeed, Microsoft and Sony have both said that they don’t see any reason to update their platforms to make use of what we now have access to on our PC’s. Sacrifices have to be made and I think in the eyes of the gaming industry, offline co-op isn’t a feature that sees as much use as online co-op so rather than design around allowing both, they push how much any one person can see on a single machine rather than design it around what two or more can see using the same machine.

    if any of that makes sense, you have more patience for reading than I do.

    • You clearly have more knowledge on the subject than I do, and it’s perhaps time that I face facts. The future of console gaming is online, it’s just a shame that offline co-op/multiplayer has become rather redundant. Although Portal 2 has proven that there is still a place for it, though perhaps not on the grand scale of Dead Island. Thanks for your informed and enlightening comment. Hope you didn’t feel I was being anti online.

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