6 comments on “GTA, Why So Serious?

  1. I think the problem stems from just the time when GTA IV was released. It was when the big craze in gaming was the realistic, if not utterly depressing, crap-sack world. It feels Rockstar wanted to try and follow the subdued, brown colored world of many a recent game. Many would argue that you can still have the ridiculous parts of older GTA games by the zany car crashes, the swing set from Satan, and all the other little oddities in the game. Without the story’s odd quirks and dialogue, it feels out of touch with the name Grand Theft Auto. If Rockstar returns to the GTA name, they need to bring back the humor.

    • Another problem was it losing ground with Vice City Stories and Vice City Stories, 2 trashy and wasted titles, that lost our attention, other than that i feel its a solid title, which lives up to my expectations.. tad humorous, yet if it’s too humorous it would be trash like saints row..what i think it that mature superior story line keeps the attention you know ? i feel that ever since GTA IV its been solid they just need more funny moments ..do you remember Yusef Amir ? probably one of the funniest characters even

      • The stories have certainly been nurtured to produce more mature narratives and dialogue which has proven a good move. But the series has forgotten how to laugh at itself, which I’ll hope they rectify in GTA V.
        Appreciate the comments.

      • exactly !! do you remember in San Andreas that probably was the last humorous series, it cant get too serious it will get boring..i really like your post’s as long as you have these good subject’s I’ll be here lol

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