2 comments on “Nathan Drake And The Man Crush Quandary

  1. I think it is perfectly acceptable. Obviously I come at this from a female point of view, but the point still stands.

    Nate embodies a fairly standard fantasy; he doesn’t play by the rules; he makes his living his way, and doesn’t have the normal ties of modern life that the most of have. I can’t see Nate stressing about a mortgage or the daily commute.

    His career path is also of interest; his is the hunt for the undiscovered, but unlike ‘normal’ historians/archaeologists he isn’t confined to a library or muddy trench. As a qualified archaeologist I can appreciate that. On the other hand his rule breaking is sometimes pretty immoral, but it doesn’t matter, because he isn’t real. I can feel a bit dirty for feeling that way, but again; it doesn’t matter.

    And I think this is why his relationship (in the broadest sense) with Elena works so well; he does what he likes, and goes against society, and she is not afraid to pull him up on his… indiscretions.

    All this is enhanced by the fact that he is undeniably very handsome, and I believe that at least half his appeal stems from the fact that he doesn’t really know he has appeal. OK, so he flirts, especially with Chloe, but he does it in a slightly clumsy manner that it seems endearing rather than creepy or annoying. One thing I have always said (and thought) is that the moment he realises his appeal, or the moment he is sold to us on his appeal; he will lose it. He works because he is natural. We don’t need to be told that he is hot; we have the games to play through to find that out for ourselves, but again, this isn’t the point of the games; it is a happy byproduct.

    I have aften wondered how much Naughty Dog put into making him as yummy as he is. A lot of it is down to his personality, but as I have said, a chunk of it is down to his physique. It can’t be an accident, but it isn’t forced on us. On the other hand, I also wonder how they know to make a character that appeals to me on almost every level. It’s like they designed him for me.

    That fact that he isn’t real is the icing on the cake. He can be exactly what he is; a fantasy. I would feel far more uncomfortable perving over him if he were a living breathing person. So I see no harm in him being the ultimate man-crush, as I see no harm in me (or other ladies) having naughty thoughts about him.

    And I bet he goes like a train.

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